Why Do Kids Need Dental Checkups?

Jun 27, 2019

You might think that children don’t need to go to the dentist as often as adults. After all, they’re kids, right? Their teeth are just fine. Well, the truth is that childhood dental checkups are just as important – maybe even more. Regular checkups will help make sure your child learns habits that will help keep his or her teeth strong and beautiful for decades to come.

Why Checkups are Important

Children should have their teeth checked every six months. This will help ensure that their teeth are developing properly, and will help your dentist monitor for any potential problems. Your dentist will keep detailed records of how the child’s teeth and jaw are growing. Knowing your child’s history will make it easier for your dentist to anticipate any issues that may occur.

During the visit, your dentist will not only perform a thorough exam, he or she will also perform an extensive cleaning. This will get rid of any debris or plaque that could accumulate in areas that might be hard to brush regularly. If needed, your dentist may apply a sealant to the back teeth to keep out acid and bacteria.

Dental x-rays may also be taken. This will uncover any tiny cavities that might be forming. If cavities aren’t addressed quickly, they can lead to tooth decay and serious periodontal diseases.

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