Root Canal

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How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Jul 30, 20234276 Views

If you have severe toothache or sensitivity in one or more of your teeth, it can be an indication of a pulp infection. To preserve your natural tooth and restore its health, our dentists may recommend root canal therapy. At our practice, we routinely perform root canals with minimum to no pain, so you can […]

Eating After a Root Canal and What Foods to Avoid

Nov 15, 20207286 Views

If you visit the dentist with a severely infected tooth, there is a chance that you have to undergo a root canal treatment. A tooth can’t heal itself; without treatment, the infection might spread in the surrounding teeth and gums, causing other oral problems. Therefore, the dentist will remove the infected area or the pulp […]

Eating after root canal

Oct 30, 20208920 Views

After having a root canal, patients have concerns regarding routine and diet changes for a few days until the tooth is healing. However, modern-day procedures are much more comfortable, and recovery occurs quickly, resulting in a higher success rate, but few precautions are necessary. Eating after a root canal is one area where the person […]

Extraction vs. Root Canal: What is Better?

Feb 15, 20202880 Views

When your tooth becomes damaged or infected, the dentist either removes it completely or treats it through a root canal treatment. A comparison of extraction vs. root canal can be difficult, but it is good to know which one is best for you. When to go for a root canal The dentists recommend a root […]

Root Canal Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 23, 20194761 Views

The “root canal” describes the space in the middle of the tooth. It contains the tooth nerve and a soft area called the pulp chamber. A root canal procedure is done to protect a decayed/infected tooth from becoming abscessed and damaging the tissue surrounding it. The treatment involves removing the diseased pulp and, effectively cleaning […]

Rescue Your Tooth by Root Canal: A Step by Step Endodontic Procedure

Jul 22, 20169556 Views

Your teeth are subjected to chilled drinks, simmering soups, acidic food, and sugary substances that cling to the crevices in your teeth. In this callous oral cavity environment, having teeth that can last you a lifetime is a daunting task. Your teeth can get decayed, lose bone because of periodontal gum disease, or suffer a […]


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