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Why Metal-Free Fillings Are Good for Your Health

Sep 14, 20185863 Views

You may have heard the buzz about people replacing old silver fillings with composites or crowns. Some people may be choosing these alternatives for esthetic reasons; however many people are choosing ceramic and acrylic metal-free fillings over traditional amalgam fillings for health reasons. Metal Allergies There is a segment of the population that has allergies […]

The Best Reasons for Cosmetic Fillings in Spring 

Jul 13, 20173020 Views

Are you worried about the look of your two front teeth? Cosmetic fillings may be the answer for you!   Most people have experienced getting a filling during their lifetime. A normal filling is treatment for your tooth when it is damaged or is experiencing tooth decay. Normally, dentists put in a silver amalgam filling. […]

Why Metal Free Fillings?

Jun 15, 20173278 Views

Despite our efforts to brush our teeth several times a day and floss regularly, sometimes a cavity is inevitable. With cavities come fillings, but as luck would have it, technology has evolved in the dental world just as it has everywhere else. Many dentists are now adopting and implementing metal free fillings in their practice. […]

Cosmetic Fillings: Healthy as Well as Beautiful

Apr 3, 20172827 Views

What is the relationship of the tooth to the jaw to confidence? Advanced evidence-based studies in orthodontics reveal that teeth are the reason some people feel more confident than others. Confidence is gauged on a desire to smile or show your teeth. Cosmetic fillings, a blend of art and science, can give you that radiant, […]

Choosing between Composite Fillings and Dental Amalgam Fillings

Jul 27, 201527190 Views

You are no longer limited to only one choice when it comes down to filling cavities, but due to amazing advancements in technology, you have several. Out of the many choices you have, the two most chosen choices are composite fillings and dental amalgam. The major difference between the two types of fillings is in […]


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