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When Does Extraction of Front Tooth Become Necessary?

Apr 15, 20209520 Views

The mention of tooth extraction might give us chills, and when we know it is about to happen to us, we might feel even more dreadful. Tooth extraction is the process of detaching a tooth from its socket and separating it from the jaw bone. It might sound scary if it has never happened to […]

Which Anesthesia to use for Extracting Wisdom Teeth?

Mar 30, 20205322 Views

Wisdom teeth not always bring joy to us. They may bring along some severe problems like pain and discomfort because of which your dentist would suggest getting them extracted. Teeth extraction in itself may bring an episode of fear in you because of the attached pain and swelling. However, all this has become easy as […]

Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Mar 15, 20206654 Views

Most people get afraid of getting their teeth extracted because of the pain. But there are times when there is no option other than a tooth extraction. However, those who have not gone through the extraction procedure often wonder about the process and want to know if tooth extraction hurts. Tooth extraction does hurt, but […]

Extraction vs. Root Canal: What is Better?

Feb 15, 20203059 Views

When your tooth becomes damaged or infected, the dentist either removes it completely or treats it through a root canal treatment. A comparison of extraction vs. root canal can be difficult, but it is good to know which one is best for you. When to go for a root canal The dentists recommend a root […]

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Jun 15, 20192954 Views

Sometimes a tooth can get so bad that it needs to be pulled. This is a lot better option than having to deal with pain all of the time, or being at risk for other dental problems. In some cases, extraction can keep you from having to deal with an even worse health issue. But […]

Here is why you need to get your wisdom Tooth Extracted

Jun 14, 20165222 Views

Are you in your late teens or early twenties? If so, then you might be experiencing the eruption of your final set of molars—your wisdom tooth. Your wisdom tooth may become a valuable asset for you if it is healthy and properly aligned. However, that rarely happens and more often than not a wisdom tooth […]


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