The Link Between Smoking and Oral Health

Apr 26, 2016

Currently, there is a significant amount of information available that indicates smoking is harmful to your health. Most people don’t realize it, but this also includes one’s oral health. In case you are worried about problems such as oral cancer, then you will definitely be surprised to know that quitting smoking will do a lot more for you than any other form of dental health protocol. When it comes to quitting smoking, you should consider both the serious as well as relatively minor problems that you can avoid.

Bad Breath and Tooth Stains

Have you ever been on a date and thought everything is going good, but something is still feeling wrong? In case the person in front of you doesn’t smoke and you do, your breath will definitely be enough of a turn off on its own, which will make the person seem disinterested in you. Despite the fact that you can use all sorts of agents for teeth whitening in order to remove the tobacco stains off your teeth, you can never hide that awful smell of stale cigarette smoke in your breath. What’s more, you might even find out that trying to cover the bad breath caused by smoking will seemingly make it even worse.

Gum Disease and Smoking

As you might already know, cigarette smoke consists of several chemicals. Once these start settling on your gums and teeth, they can lead to all sorts of damage to oral health. Even when your gums are slightly affected by cigarette smoke, this can still cause some long-term issues, which include receding gums. These will expose your roots to the bacteria that infect them and cause gum disease. Without any doubt, if you don’t like expensive dental treatments, you should consider informing yourself about the part that smoking plays in causing damage to the teeth.

Smoking and Oral Cancer

When you use tobacco products or smoke cigarettes, you always have the tendency to develop some form of oral cancer. Despite the fact that yearly exams will help you detect any tumors, it is essential to know that this type of cancer can spread faster.

Apart from growing in a quick manner, oral tumors also have the ability to get into your lymph system. Because these nodes are in your neck, their removal can be much more difficult. As such, in case you smoke and don’t pay attention to proper oral care, you may end up with a significantly extensive malignancy. Subsequently, you might also find out that the treatment options you have are far more limited than you might have been expecting.

All in all, smoking is really harmful to your oral health and it is best if you quit.


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