Initial Dental Examination

Oct 30, 2019

The dentist often takes a complete dental history at your first visit. That’s because understanding a patient’s dental position is the first step of an initial dental examination. Through this probing, the dentists try to get to the real cause of the problem before starting any treatment. The dentist will also evaluate the health of your teeth and gums with the help of dental history.

The process of an initial dental examination

Firstly, the dentist would like to understand your dental health position. They would also determine your dental needs and support required from experts. Subsequently, your dental expert will inspect your teeth and gums. As a procedure, the expert will take a digital X-Ray to identify any decaying tooth or any other root problem.

After taking an X-Ray and noting records, the dentist will start with the cleaning process. The cleaning process is done with a scaler. Gum pockets are also checked to know the health of the gums. The last step is to polish the teeth for a brighter smile. The results of the procedure suggest further treatments.

The findings of an initial dental examination

The dentist reviews the findings of the dental procedure and shares the result with the patient. The dentists also suggest preventive measures to improve your dental health. The team of experts further explains the options for treatments so you would understand what suits best for you. Once you choose the treatment option, your dentist gives a follow-up date to cure teeth problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases. In case of any severe dental issues, the dentist would suggest frequent visits.

Cypress Spring Dental takes care of its patients and provides consultative services during an initial dental examination so your teeth may stay healthy. If you wish to have further information, call us on, 281-256-3222.


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