Eating After a Root Canal and What Foods to Avoid

Nov 15, 2020

If you visit the dentist with a severely infected tooth, there is a chance that you have to undergo a root canal treatment. A tooth can’t heal itself; without treatment, the infection might spread in the surrounding teeth and gums, causing other oral problems. Therefore, the dentist will remove the infected area or the pulp from within the tooth, clean it, and then put fillings to seal the structure. Finally, to protect it, a crown is placed on the tooth. However, the procedure puts a few cuts and applies pressure, making the tooth sensitive and prone to damages; hence extra caution is taken for a few days. Along with other considerations, eating after a root canal needs a lot of care.

Can I eat after RCT?

Eating is not prohibited after a root canal, but the selection of food is. Many options are available; however, the rule of thumb is, it should be soft and must not require much chewing. Hard or crunchy food like chips or nuts might crack the filling, and sticky food like candy will trap inside the treated areas causing infection or increasing sensitivity and pain. Furthermore, do not have too hot or cold stuff as it again affects sensitivity. Have warm instead of hot soup, it is healthy, and you have to gulp down.

What not to eat after root canal treatment?

Don’t choose the following foods as they can damage the recovering tooth;

  • Nuts and seeds including almonds and cashews
  • Crunchy fruits and veggies like apples, pears, carrots, and pods.
  • Steak or burgers having a layer of thick meat
  • Candy and sweet
  • Canned juices, fizzy and alcoholic drinks

Eating after root canal

The following foods are healthy and good to eat after the root canal

  • The fruits and veggies that are soft and don’t require chewing like boiled potatoes, bananas, and mangos. With crunchy choices, you can blend them into juices and smoothies to have it. This is a healthy choice, and the nutrition and vitamins will help speed up the recovery process.
  • Shakes are also a great choice; blending fruits like strawberry with milk not only tastes great, but the calcium in milk is great for teeth. However, don’t add a lot of sugar as it can spoil oral hygiene. The protein shake is also a healthy alternative to have instead of a meal.
  • Soup, noodles, soft cereal, and oatmeal, take care that it’s not too hot to trigger sensitivity.
  • Yogurt a nice choice after the treatment as it is an excellent source of calcium
  • Looking for protein and fiber, beans, and lentils, or even scrambled egg is excellent.
  • Pudding and custard are fine and readily available.

Hence eating after a root canal is no problem; just there is a need for some care. If you want to have a root canal to treat your damaged teeth, contact Spring Cypress Dental. As a team, we excel in providing the best dental care in the most friendly, comfortable, and professional ways. Call us at 281-256-322 to schedule your appointment.


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