DIY Tooth Filling Kit; Everything You Need To Know

Sep 15, 2020

If you recently bought a DIY tooth filling kit, it is essential to know the adverse effects it can have on your teeth. Today, we will be learning different ways a DIY tooth filling kit could potentially mess up your amazing teeth. Always seek advice from a professional dentist, like those at Spring Cypress Dental, for topics such as the one we will discuss.

If you experience a hole in your mouth, you might find it to be extremely annoying. It can become sensitive to food, and your cheeks could possibly run on its sharp edges. Your first instinct may be to find a quick and easy solution to your challenge, such as using a DIY tooth filling kit. However, it is vital to know that DIY can be done incorrectly, leading to a whole world of problems you want to avoid!

How exactly can a DIY tooth filling kit ruin my excellent teeth?

  1. The fillings could possibly be the wrong color

If you buy any DIY tooth filling kit from a store, you will notice that they are not meant for aesthetics. Usually, tooth filling kits contain Zinc Oxide; most professional dentists do not use this as a tooth restoration method.

Unfortunately, this means the filling kit will either make your teeth grey or bright white, and those colors can strike out to others easily.

  1. They can fall out extremely easily

Tooth filling kits are not going to bond to your teeth like those placed by a professional dentist. Instead, they get pushed into a cavity, using your finger, and retain by securing into undercuts. This causes them to become incredibly susceptible to dropping out.

  1. They can break very easily

The material used is very soft compared to permanent fillings placed by an expert dentist. What exactly does this mean? If you use the filling to chew, specifically on molar teeth, the filling will wear down quickly.

In addition, it isn’t possible to get a hold of what a dentist uses over the counter. Simply put, using a DIY tooth filling kit delays a dental surgery trip you need to arrive to anyway!

It is essential to know that bacteria tend to penetrate open spaces, causing sensitivity and decay. Open space occurs as a result of broken fillings, which leads to leaking.

  1. The kits don’t actually remove decay

Do you know the main reason why you have a tooth in your hole? If not, it is important to know!

There is a high chance you have tooth decay; unfortunately, a filling can’t fix a decay!

An experienced dentist needs to remove tooth decay; otherwise, your tooth will start to rot away. You can apply a filling once your decay is treated. If you were to place a filling over a decay, you may suffer from pain and even lose a tooth.

  1. Your usual bite may change if you leave a high filling.

At most dental offices, you will bite down on blue paper after a filling. This helps ensure your teeth meet together, also known as your occlusion. In all honesty, it isn’t really easy to check your bite with a DIY tooth filling kit.

A high filling left alone can cause unneeded tooth movements, headaches, and jaw pain.

Are you in dire need of a tooth filling?

If you need a tooth filling, you have come to the right place! Unlike a DIY tooth filling kit, Spring Cypress Dental will ensure you get a proper filling without any problems DIY kits cause. We are your local dentists in Cypress, Texas, and we want to ensure you have one of the most caring dentists in town! Call us today at 281-256-3222 . You can also visit our website at


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