Clear Braces Make Orthodontics Fun

Aug 10, 2017

“Fun” is not usually a word you would use when referring to orthodontics. Most people imagine metal braces that can be uncomfortable while adding distracting metal to their smile. However, there are other options to straighten your smile besides traditional metal braces. Clear braces can make orthodontic treatment fun, with discreet and comfortable ways to straighten your smile.
Advantages of Clear Braces
Everyone wants a straight, beautiful smile, but not everyone wants to wear metal braces. While there are times when traditional braces are the best option for serious malocclusions, many people can forego metal braces and choose a more discreet and comfortable option. Clear braces like Invisalign aligners make straightening your teeth a breeze, and you can even have fun while you are doing it. Here are some of the advantages of clear braces like Invisalign:

  • Discreet. Invisalign are clear braces, or clear aligners, that are almost invisible. They fit over your teeth but are very discreet. Most people will never know you are wearing them.
  • Comfortable. Clear aligners are much more comfortable than metal braces, without wires or metal that can be uncomfortable.
  • Convenient. Metal braces tend to need more repairs and maintenance. With clear braces like Invisalign, you have less trips to our office and just get a new set every few weeks.
  • Food and fun. With clear braces or aligners, you can enjoy the foods you love while you have fun with friends and family. Aligners can be removed so you can eat foods that would possibly be restricted if you are wearing traditional braces.
  • Effective. Clear braces can offer the same alignment benefits as traditional braces in about the same time.

The great thing about clear braces is that your life does not need to change while you improve the health and beauty of your smile. Whether you are an adult that wants to straighten your smile, but metal braces would be embarrassing to wear for a year or more, or teen that wants the freedom that aligners offer, options like Invisalign are a great choice. They have less restrictions and are easier to live with, which is why they are the fun choice in orthodontics.

At Spring Cypress Dental, we offer many orthodontic options for our patients, including clear braces like Invisalign or discreet ceramic braces. Call us today to learn more about our orthodontic treatments to improve the health of you or your teen’s smile.


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