What Makes Ceramic Braces Different Than Traditional Braces?

Dec 26, 2016

Traditional braces are the metal type of brace that most people are familiar with. This type of brace is clearly visible and can result in the wearer experiencing low self-esteem. As dental techniques have become more advanced, available options for braces have increased.

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way as their traditional counterparts, except they are less visible. When you wear ceramic braces, people may not even notice unless they look closely.

Metal Braces

Although some people hate the thought of wearing metal braces, others are not so shy. In recent years it has become common for metal brace wearers to have their braces customized with different colors, symbols or mascots.

Customizing your braces will not make them work any faster. However, it does send out a positive message. People who customize their braces are sending out a clear message that they are proud of their commitment to great dental care and a healthy smile.

Ceramic Braces

For those patients who prefer a more discreet option, ceramic is the preferred choice of material. Ceramic braces are usually clear or almost transparent. The braces are also closely matched to the natural color of the teeth, creating the illusion that the person is not wearing braces at all.

However, in order for ceramic braces to retain their invisibility, the wearer must ensure that they are cleaned regularly. Drinking fizzy drinks, tea or coffee can cause ceramic braces to stain. Both traditional and ceramic braces will correct the shape of teeth at much the same time.

Modern Ceramic Braces

Modern ceramic braces are built to last. Older types of ceramic braces were more likely to break, making them a less popular choice than traditional metal braces. Spring Cyprus Dental only uses the latest ceramic braces, which means we can offer you a strong and clear alternative to traditional metal braces.

Both children and adults can benefit from using ceramic braces, so it’s never too late to correct the shape and alignment of your teeth. All it takes is a simple examination for your dentist to determine whether braces are the right option for you or your child.

Call our office to arrange an appointment, so that your expert dentist can assess your needs. Once your ceramic braces are fitted, we will also schedule regular follow-up appointments to make adjustments and monitor your progress towards a better smile.


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