4 Steps to Take After Receiving Sedation at the Dentist

May 17, 2017

You’ve somehow managed to avoid eating before the procedure which, let’s be completely honest, is the most difficult part. You’ve received sedation, the procedure is over and here we are.  Now what, you ask. Here are the 4 steps to take after receiving sedation from your local dentist.

What is Sedation?

Before accurately listing the 4 steps to take after sedation, perhaps it’s best we establish what sedation actually consists of. Sedation is prescription medication that is administered to help alleviate a patient’s discomfort. The use of sedation also allows for complete concentration for the dentist and assistants, without distraction from the patient during the procedure.


Your vitals, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels will be monitored while under sedation. It is also important to note that the monitoring will end once the sedation ends. Because of this, you’ll need a close friend or family member to be held responsible for transporting you to and from the appointment.

Doing so ensures that someone else is available to monitor your response and behavior before and after the procedure so any inconsistencies and concerns can be reported in a timely and efficient manner. Given the fact that you won’t be able to transport yourself should reiterate the need for a trusted partner during this time.

Varied Reactions

Just as everyone reacts differently to medication, the same can be expected from sedation. Waking up can vary from patient to patient and some respond positively to sedation, while others may be more delayed in returning to normal. Nausea and dizziness isn’t uncommon and it helps to have someone available in case these side effects appear. Not to worry, they don’t last long after sedation, usually only a couple hours at most.

Relaxation and Limited Distractions

Afterwards, take it easy and fully explore the opportunity to relax. Consider it a vacation. Watch season after season of your favorite show or your favorite movie on repeat. Listen to your favorite singer express her feelings song after song while you lay back and recover. Sedation is a medication and you should allow the necessary time for your body to work through it.

Food and Sleep

Perhaps the most common question from any patient waking from sedation is regarding food. A light meal is welcomed, followed by a nap to allow the body nourishment and a chance to regenerate energy. The procedure is often the most dreaded part of the process yet knowing what to do afterward can provide peace of mind and comfort in the beginning.


As with any issue or concern, feel free to consult your local dentist with questions. The experienced team at Spring Cypress Dental promise personal attention and professional excellence before and after sedation. With their knowledge and these steps, there’s nothing to worry about.


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