Wondering Which Soft Foods to Eat with Braces?

Oct 30, 2022

Braces are quite effective for straightening your teeth, and they help with multiple dental issues. The process of fitting braces or Invisalign in your mouth is usually not that painful. Nevertheless, you might experience slight sensitivity in your teeth and jaw afterward. This is because you need some time for your mouth to adjust to the new dental appliance. During this time, you can make the process easier by switching to soft foods or a liquid diet. But what should you eat that’s nutritious and doesn’t cause discomfort, either? Continue reading for the list of soft foods to eat with braces.

Nutritious & Yummy Soft Foods to Eat with Braces

Before you think that soft means bland and tasteless food, think again. Or, better yet, keep reading to know that some of your favorite meals might be on the list. Hence, soft foods for braces could include some nutritious drinks and snacks that you actually enjoy.

Here are some soft foods to eat with braces:

1. A Mashed Potatoes & Cheese Blend
Potatoes are almost everyone’s favorite vegetable, right? People of all ages agree with this fact. Fortunately, potatoes come under the soft foods list. You can make it even more delicious and creamy by adding some cheddar cheese to your mashed potatoes and enjoying them after you get braces.

2. Classic Macaroni & Cheese
Cheese can make your meal ten times better. Do you enjoy macaroni and cheese? Well, we’ve got good news for you. This creamy pasta blend is among the best soft foods to eat with braces. Macaroni and cheese are soft, mouthwatering, and rich in complex carbs. Therefore, it is an excellent way to get your energy supply and get rid of your hunger.

3. Sip on Your Favorite Smoothies
When you get braces, smoothies are a great soft food alternative to enjoy. This is an excellent opportunity to sip up your favorite smoothies for lunch or dinner. Moreover, they are one of the healthiest soft foods for braces.

You can try many combos of smoothies. These include vegetables, fruits, proteins, vitamins, milk, and more. Including different ingredients make them a tasty, nutritious alternative. So if you’re tired of soft foods, try smoothies.

4. A Taste of Ice Cream
Braces don’t stop you from trying the desserts you enjoy, like ice cream. After getting braces, you can still have chocolate, strawberry, or whatever flavor you like.

Still, just because you can have ice cream doesn’t mean it’s the best soft food to eat with braces. It contains high sugar levels, which are harmful to your teeth. To avoid any problems, brush, and floss immediately after having ice cream. Moreover, eat other soft foods more.

5. Enjoy Your Oatmeal
If you’re a lover of oatmeal, you can continue having it after you get your orthodontic appliance. You can enhance the flavor by adding fresh berries, maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc. Not to forget, oatmeal keeps you full, so you don’t feel hungry immediately again. This is why oatmeal is an excellent soft food to eat with braces.

What Should I Do?

There’s a long list of delicious and nutritious soft foods to eat with braces. Your orthodontist can guide you on what to eat. Spring Cypress Dental has the best team that prioritizes its customers. You can schedule an appointment at (281) 256-3222.


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