Why You Should Consider A One Visit Crown

Feb 4, 2019

First off what is a crown in relation to dentistry and how does it possibly fit on a tooth?  Well, a dental crown is essentially a covering that goes over a tooth that has been damaged due to cavities or other decay.  These can protect your previously damaged tooth, and prevent any further infection or other defect from happening.

In order to place the crown, a couple of things need to happen first.  Your dentist must first go in and clean in and around the area, they will then remove the infection, and finally fill the remaining space with a filling of some sort.

This process generally happens over the course of a couple visits, but if conditions are right, it can be a bit quicker than this.  A one appointment crown allows you to save time and money both immediately and in the long run.  This type of crown is not only quicker, but also less painful, and more exact in it’s fit and coloring.

The biggest difference between the two is the impressions.  In the standard procedure, physical impressions are taken to size and fit the crown.  Contrarily, a digital impression can be taken.  A quick model is then created by a CAD-CAM machine, and is adjusted by your dentist, resulting in a much quicker process.

Don’t let the rumors scare you into a life of dental pain.  Call (281) 256-3222 to schedule an appointment for your little one today.  Spring Cypress Dental is located at 17330 Spring Cypress Rd. STE 115, Cypress, Texas 77429.


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