Why Does Mouthwash Burn, And How Can You Take care Of It?

Oct 30, 2021

Once you complete your brushing and flossing of the teeth; you must use a mouthwash to rinse and clean your mouth. This ensures you a more comprehensive clean because the mouthwash reaches places your brush and floss have not reached. But why does your mouth burn after using mouthwash? It is something to do with the mouthwash or something to do with another unknown issue.

The main purpose of mouthwash is to kill the bacteria in your mouth and fight the germs that are causing some issues, and that all is possible because of the ingredients it is made up of. Mouthwash, in most cases, has alcohol in them, which is why you have a burning sensation in your mouth. You can opt for a mouthwash with a lesser percentage of alcohol. This will help you have a lesser or no burning sensation as well as leave no harsh post-use symptoms.

Remember that you do not need alcohol in mouthwash for effective cleaning. It all depends on what you are looking for, and you can also use a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Here is what you can get in the market:

Gum Health Mouthwash: If you see early signs of gum disease, this will remove the plaque between your gumlines and take care of the situation.

Whitening Mouthwash: This will help whiten your teeth and give you a bright smile.

Kids’ Mouthwash: If you have kids and want to buy one for them, you can opt for the kid’s mouthwash.

Breath Freshening Mouthwash: This will help you get one right away if you are looking for instant freshness.

Dry Mouth Mouthwash: You can use a moisturizing mouthwash if you are looking to moist your mouth. It is infused with mint flavors that will help you keep your mouth fresh.

Remember that mouthwash is a secondary action, but the most important activity is to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day and floss your teeth regularly. Once this is complete, you can now rinse your teeth with mouthwash. First, remove the food particles, germs, and bacteria, clean the gumlines, and then rinse to eliminate all those germs hiding away.

If you are still not sure and want to learn about the fact of why does your mouthwash burn, you can always come in and speak to our specialists at Spring Cypress Dental. We have some of the best specialists in the industry who will be able to assist and solve your queries. Call us at 281-256-3222 to book your appointment.


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