Which Anesthesia to use for Extracting Wisdom Teeth?

Mar 30, 2020

Wisdom teeth not always bring joy to us. They may bring along some severe problems like pain and discomfort because of which your dentist would suggest getting them extracted. Teeth extraction in itself may bring an episode of fear in you because of the attached pain and swelling. However, all this has become easy as the dentists use anesthesia to extract your wisdom teeth.

The procedure 

The procedure of removing a tooth is not that difficult as it may sound. All it involves is numbing the area from which the dentist has to extract the tooth and then a little work with the gum. However, in the case of the wisdom tooth, the procedure changes a bit. These teeth are located at the back of the mouth, where there is not enough space to pull the tooth. In most of the cases, the tooth is impacted i.e.; these do not erupt out of the gum properly. Some teeth can be partially impacted. This makes the extraction of wisdom teeth even more difficult. Because of this a dentist also has to remove some bone and gum tissue. Many dentists recommend the removal of all four wisdom teeth together; therefore, the procedure requires the use of some sort of sedation.

Wisdom teeth removal anesthesia

Depending on the anxiety level and the condition of the tooth, the dentist would decide the type of sedation which would work better on the patient. Some of the types of sedation are local anesthesia, conscious sedation, laughing gas, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.

The dentists at Spring Cypress Dental consider all the necessary considerations before choosing particular anesthesia for wisdom teeth. They also take care of your concerns regarding wisdom teeth extraction and discuss all the details prior to the procedure. Call us on 281-256-3222 for any further details.


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