What’s the Deal With Getting Crowns on Front Teeth?

Jan 30, 2023

Have you ever heard of getting a dental crown on the front teeth? Yes, dental crowns are not just limited to your back teeth or molars — you can receive front teeth crowns too. When decay or damage ruins your tooth, dental crowns might be of some help. But what exactly is the deal with crowns on front teeth? Continue reading to find out!

What are Front Teeth Crowns?

Usually, dentists recommend dental crowns for molars. These dental caps resemble the shape and shade of your natural teeth. Hence, when factors like cavities, fractures, etc., ruin your teeth, dental crowns help protect them. Your dentist will attach the dental cap in one or two visits, restoring the appearance and function of your natural tooth.

Some circumstances might call for a dental crown on the front teeth. When a front-facing tooth is in need of repair due to severe damage, a dental crown is used to restore it. Moreover, the dental specialist will use a ceramic or porcelain crown on your front teeth, ensuring that you can smile with no cosmetic concerns. Therefore, getting front teeth crowns means restoring the form and function of a damaged tooth.

Reasons for Getting Crowns on Front Teeth

Treatment for the damage to the front tooth depends on the damage. Sometimes, treatments like dental bonding, filling, and veneers are used to fix the dental issue. However, a few situations might call for getting a crown on the front teeth, including the following:

Severe Damage

For minor issues, like a slightly chipped tooth, dental bonding is recommended. But your dentist might recommend a dental crown for the front tooth if the damage is severe. Therefore, a dental crown is required when the tooth has sustained significant damage.

Excessive Tooth Decay

Your dentist might recommend a dental filling if there’s minimal decay. However, it’s possible that the tooth is severely damaged. In that case, a front tooth crown might be your best bet. This is because getting crowns on the front teeth might help prevent further damage.

Root Canal

When bacteria manage to invade your tooth’s pulp, root canal therapy is performed to save the infected tooth. Oftentimes, the tooth is in an extremely weak condition. Since dentists leave tooth extraction as a last resort, it’s possible that they’ll place a dental crown after the root canal to protect your tooth. Though it is not always necessary, getting crowns on the front teeth might be required after a root canal.

Tips for Getting a Front Tooth Crown

If you are up for receiving a front teeth crown in a few days, there are a few factors you’ll need to know prior to your appointment. Furthermore, your dentist will give you aftercare instructions to keep your dental crown in optimal condition.

There are some considerations to make when getting crowns on front teeth; ask your dentist before trying them. These include:

  • Get teeth whitening since dental crowns cannot be whitened
  • Adhere to a good oral hygiene routine
  • Be extra cautious after receiving your front tooth crown. For instance, avoid chewing on pens, ice, and more.

What’s Next?

Getting a crown on the front teeth is required in some cases, like severe damage, extreme tooth decay, and after a root canal on a weakened tooth. Your dentist will instruct you on what to do after receiving your front tooth crown.

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