What to Do About the Extra Tooth Growing in Gums?

Jun 30, 2023

An extra tooth growing in your gums close to the permanent or primary teeth might be a sign of hyperdontia, a condition in which too many teeth grow in your mouth. Also called supernumerary teeth, they are noticed in both adults as well as children. So, what should you do when you notice the extra teeth in your mouth? Learn all about it in this blog.

How an Extra Tooth Growing in Gums Looks

You might be able to spot the supernumerary tooth based on how it looks and where it grows.

Usually, the shape of an extra tooth growing in gums looks like this:

  • Supplemental: Similar to the tooth it grows close to.
  • Tuberculate: shaped like a tube or a barrel.
  • Compound Odontoma: Not one, but multiple growths that resemble teeth growing in a group.
  • Complex Odontoma: a group of tissues that look like teeth growing in a disordered manner.
  • Conical or Peg-Shaped: Narrow from the top and wider at the base, this supernumerary tooth has a sharp look to it.

As for the location, the tooth usually grows near the incisors. Other times, it could be near the molars, sometimes even in line with the back teeth.

Hyperdontia Causes

The exact reason why an extra tooth grows in the gum is unknown, but there are some genetic conditions it might be linked to, such as:

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia
  • Gardner’s Syndrome
  • Fabry Disease
  • Cleft Palate and Lip

Treating an Extra Tooth Growing in Gums

Your dentist or oral surgeon will suggest a CT scan or Dental X-ray diagnose the extra tooth growing in the gums. Generally, tooth extraction or surgical removal is suggested for hyperdontia. However, surgically extracting the supernumerary tooth is only necessary if:

  • It prevents the eruption of a central incisor, leading it to become impacted.
  • The position or alignment of the central incisor is affected.
  • A health condition or disease related to the growth of an extra tooth is present.
  • A cleft lip/palate has occurred, requiring the bone grafting of the alveolar bone graft.
  • Severe damage to the impacted tooth

If your child has an extra tooth growing in their gums, visit a pediatric dentist immediately for the proper treatment. While the additional tooth does not usually require treatment, it might be necessary to avoid gum disease, crooked teeth, and other complications.

What Should I Do?

Multiple factors may lead to an extra tooth growing in your gums. Though it usually does not require treatment, you may be at risk of oral health issues. Therefore, visit a dentist; it is better to be safe than sorry. They will assess your mouth to spot the supernumerary tooth and then proceed with the treatment.

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