What outstanding dentists should do to keep you from getting the Coronavirus

May 15, 2020

America is going through a time people couldn’t have imagined before; corporations are closing down, small shops are having to file bankruptcy, and millions of people are losing their jobs. Luckily, there are a few sectors, such as businesses in the medical field, that have not been as badly affected by this pandemic. This can be thanked due to the government deeming medical facilities as an essential business. One of these businesses is dentists’ offices, and they are able to run because of awesome customers like yourself! Now, due to this pandemic, you may feel like it isn’t the right time to leave your house to just clean your teeth. However, if you have a dentist who cares about you, like those at Spring Cypress Dental, they will have already put certain rules in place in order to protect you from getting the virus while also ensuring that you can come to them to keep your teeth healthy and crisp.

Here are a few things caring dentists are doing to protect you:

  1. They wear a mask while working with every patient and recommend you to wear a mask as well
  • Of course, you will have to take off your mask during cleaning, otherwise, the dentist won’t be able to clean them. However, upstanding dentistries are requiring that their employees wear face masks and that if you can, you too wear when until it is time for your cleaning. This helps to ensure that neither you nor anyone around you have even the slightest chance of allowing the virus to enter via a respiratory route, allowing you to clean your teeth while having peace of mind.
  1. They are washing their hands continuously, better yet in between each patient.
  • Dentists will be dealing with many patients, sometimes accidentally touching the patient’s mouths. While they will wear gloves, first-class dentists will ensure that they wash their hands at least every hour or better yet, after they finish cleaning each patient’s teeth. This helps to ensure that even if the dentist does get the virus onto his or her skin, they are able to remove the option of the virus getting onto you, as washing your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap helps to kill and remove the virus.

While these are minor things seen in great dentists, they can help to make your time at the dentists more serene and less stressful. Don’t fear to go to dentists who care about your safety, like Spring Cypress Dental, and ensure you keep your amazing smile, even if half the world is shut down! Stay safe.



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