What is an Invisalign Retainer and Why is it Important

May 30, 2022

Today a lot of people are self-conscious about the way they look. People get social anxiety just because of the way they look. Braces are a great way to fix orthodontic problems. However, they also cause social anxiety in people. Braces are effective but usually easily visible. Socially anxious people dislike the consistent staring they get from everyone else because of braces. Today we have an alternative in Invisalign retainers that is effective and not so easy to notice. Plus, you can remove them and re-apply them whenever you want.

Invisalign is a plastic or fiberglass mold to push your teeth into proper alignment. Since it is made of plastic or fiberglass, it is transparent and uneasy about noticing, hence the name Invisalign. This procedure has been a game changer for people who feel anxious because of braces. An orthodontics dentist will take some measurements of your teeth and their right alignment and devise a complete treatment plan for you.

How Do Invisalign Retainers Work

Invisalign retainers work no different than braces. Like braces, your retainers will push your teeth into their rightful place until you get a perfect smile. With these retainers, you can fix problems like crooked teeth and tooth gaps. However, these retainers are not for all orthodontics problems. They will not work for severe issues like abnormal eruption, teeth cluttering, or teeth stuck in gums. Your dentist may start the procedure with braces for the severe stages and move to Invisalign when your teeth reach a suitable state.

Types Of Retainers

Hawley retainers

These are your usual removable retainers. These can be removed and reapplied at any time. You can apply Hawley retainers during the night while sleeping, while studying, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Additionally, you can remove them during a gathering, at school, at a party, or anywhere you do not want to be seen with retainers.

Clear plastic retainers

This type is more social friendly, as these retainers are transparent and not easily visible. People use these all the time, even while they are out with friends. You may have some difficulty speaking with your retainers, but you can simply remove them to take and put them away in a package. This type of retainer is the most popular due to its high comfortability and convenience.

Permanent retainers

Permanent retainers and also called lingual braces. These retainers are applied permanently, so you would not have to remove and reapply them all the time. They are barely noticeable and hidden from view. The reason is that permanent retainers are applied to the back of your teeth.

Retainers after Invisalign

You will have to wear fixed retainers after the Invisalign course. There is a big difference, as Invisalign sizes and alignments keep changing, while the after retainers stay the same. You should wear these retainers as a precautionary measure to preserve your teeth’ alignment.


Invisalign retainers are a great choice to bring your teeth into proper alignment while keeping your choice private. If you want to know if these retainers are the right choice, please contact Spring Cypress Dental at (281) 256-3222.


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