What are the dos and don’ts after tooth extraction?

Dec 15, 2020

Tooth extraction might not be a comfortable experience, especially if you have dentophobia, but it is essential in many cases. Maybe your tooth has decay, and the bacteria is damaging it further and trying to enter into the blood vessels; or, the overcrowded gums cannot make way for the wisdom tooth. However, the extraction will benefit from relieving you of the oral pain and disease in the coming days. There is nothing to worry about as at the dental clinic; everything goes smoothly and comfortably. However, there are some dos and don’ts after tooth extractions that have to be taken care of to ensure a quick recovery and avoid complications.

Do’s and don’ts after tooth extraction

Immediately after the procedure, the empty socket forms from where the tooth is removed. It needs care else bleeding, and infection can occur. Here are the following do’s after the tooth removal;

Take some rest
Due to sedation, minds slow down for a few hours after the process; it takes some time for the effect to wear off completely. During this time, rest, take a day off from work, and ask for someone’s help to drive you back home. Besides, sleep for a few hours, and you will wake up refreshed and able to continue your work.

Take medicines, including painkillers as given
After the extraction process, you are given medicines to take, which will cease the pain and help in recovery. So, make sure to take it on time; else, you might end up in a lot of pain and discomfort. Usually, these are painkillers and other pills to heal the area and surrounding gums.

Your diet
For two to three days after an extraction, be careful in what you are eating. However, the jawbone is exposed, and a fresh clot is there to take care of. Have food that doesn’t require biting or chewing. You can have milkshakes, smoothies, or yogurt. Other options can be soft fruit and veggies like bananas or boiled potatoes. Also, after every meal, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the impurities.
The few don’t after the tooth removal are as follows;

Use of brush
Immediately after the extraction and for the next few hours, don’t brush your teeth. Just rinse and gargle to clear impurities. As the use of a brush can damage the blood clot, resulting in bleeding or slow down the recovery.

Use of straw
Never use a straw for drinking any liquid after the extraction. It will dislodge the clot, expose the bone, and result in bleeding and severe pain. Drink very slowly with glass and try not to exert any pressure, especially near the empty socket.

No smoking after the procedure; similar to straw, its suction can remove the clot and have the same consequences. Moreover, the toxins are dangerous for the exposed bones and empty sockets.

Hence, following these dos and don’ts after tooth extraction will speed up the healing procedure and cure the area in a few days. For more information on oral treatments, contact Spring Cypress Dental at 281-256-3222. Call us to schedule your appointment.


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