Veneers vs. crowns; which one to choose

Feb 28, 2021

To get our dream smile, we need to put in efforts. Both veneers and crowns are ways to restore your smile; however, they are different methods. To know which one is better in your case, it is better to discuss with the dental team. They function by adding a cover to the surface of your teeth to get the perfect look. To decide which one to choose, few factors for consideration are the condition of the original tooth, its thickness, and the area that needs a cover. Read the article to know the differences between veneers vs. crown, which will help you in making a choice.

Veneers and crowns

A veneer fixes on the tooth’s front surface only; it is fragile and made out of porcelain. It is custom-made to set correctly, and the color matches your teeth; hence, no one notices that you are wearing a cover. Moreover, it’s strong but at the same time can damage or crack if extra pressure applies to it. If you are wearing veneers, you have to take care that you don’t forcefully bite or eat anything sharp.

A crown, on the other hand, completely covers the surface of your tooth. It is made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of both substances. These are more thick and strong; hence, they don’t break easily like veneers. When it comes to durability and strength, crowns are better. However, your oral practitioner will fix the restorative device as per the need. Both veneers and crowns have a considerable success rate.

Veneers vs. crown

We have already discussed the appearance of both crowns and veneers. These are the right solution for teeth that are cracked, broken, chipped, or crooked. Moreover, they improve the look of discolored teeth or the ones that look weak or decayed. Crown is suitable in cases when the tooth is broken, missing, or weak. As it covers the whole surface of your tooth, these flaws easily hide within it without anyone noticing, resulting in a great smile. The teeth get their proper shape and size that looks similar to the original ones giving them a natural look.

When talking about veneers, these are the best option when you have tough teeth with visible flaws in the front. Especially in the cases when the teeth discolor, get cracks and chips, or have gaps in between, your practitioner will opt for veneers. These are just front coverings; hence they are replaceable easily if there is any damage. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for longer years. One essential point to keep in mind is that you have to take care of oral hygiene when wearing veneers or crowns. The spread of bacteria in your mouth can lead to decay and infections, causing complications.

To know more about veneers vs. crowns or if you have confusion on what to choose to improve your smile, contact Spring Cypress Dental. Call us at 281-256-3222 to schedule your appointment.


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