Tips to Protecting Your Teeth as You Age

Dec 15, 2015

Children are not the only who need to be told to take care of their teeth. Adults, especially as they age, need to become more vigilant when it comes to maintaining oral health. When adults begin to age, their teeth begin to age along with them. Their teeth may appear darker than before, which is due to the dentin becoming thicker.

The tooth enamel begins to thin as well and plague buildup increases. However, the problem is not directly related to age, as they may longer be able to care for their teeth as they used to before. For instance, conditions developed with age such as arthritis can decrease their ability to brush and floss their teeth. The gums receding from the teeth and the jawbone shrinking are two things that are related with age.

How to Maintain Your Teeth as You Age

The dentists at Spring Cypress Dental advise their older patients to rinse their teeth with fluoride to prevent tooth decay and decrease sensitivity. If they find it difficult to grip the toothbrush, they should purchase electronic toothbrushes instead. Here are some other practices you can adopt to maintain oral health:

  • Make an effort to brush your teeth two times in one day.
  • Never brush your teeth roughly, but brush it gently.
  • Use either an electronic toothbrush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect your gums and tooth enamel.
  • After brushing your teeth, you should floss your teeth. If not twice, floss your teeth at least once during the day.
  • If you wear dentures, you should clean them every day, take them out of your mouth while going to bed, and take them out for four hours every day to give your mouth a rest.
  • If you smoke or chew tobacco, you should stop right now, as the habit will only worsen the appearance of your teeth.
  • The most important practice to adopt is to visit Spring Cypress Dental. Make an appointment with a dentist once every month to obtain dental care.

Adults with a disability may need to rely on their children’s help to preserve their oral health.

What Can Children do for Their Parents?

Children with older parents should look after their well-being by placing reminders for them to brush and floss their teeth. They should also take their parents to a dentist regularly. Children with a parent suffering from some type of disability should take additional precautions to look after their physical and oral health. If your parent resides with you, you can assist them with their regular dental care routine.

People who have not reached an age where they need to worry about developing oral health problems should begin to practice positive oral habits. They should minimize any habit that can cause damage to their teeth and should visit their dentist for an oral health examination every six months.

Make an appointment with Spring Cypress Dental if you are at an age where you are finding it difficult to maintain the health of your teeth. Our dentists can provide you with tips on how to protect your teeth as you age.


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