Tips and Tricks for Post-Brace Care

Oct 15, 2023

The purpose of getting braces is to bring out a perfectly aligned confident smile. While it fosters a healthy-looking toothy smile, braces require proper, organized care and maintenance. Teeth with braces are extremely susceptible to developing cavities and gum diseases due to lack of care and cleanliness.
Getting braces can be a significant milestone in many peoples’ lives. While the process of getting used to braces can be long and challenging, the results outweigh the worries, and are generally worth the effort.
Choosing to have braces equals to signing up for a commitment towards bringing out the best of your oral health.
This blog will provide valuable tips and tricks that can help people to take required care after braces. So, if you are a brace wearer or have someone who wears them; stay with us on this blog to find advice, tips and tricks!

Brush and Floss:
The most important part of maintaining oral hygiene is following the two-by-two rule in brushing. Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each. Pay extra attention while cleaning the brackets and wires.
Normal floss can entangle between the wires. A floss threader is a suitable replacement while you have braces on. It can maneuver between tight spaces which are difficult to reach otherwise. You can also buy an interdental brush for quick on the go fixes.
Talk to your doctor to find the best suitable brush/floss for you.

Regular Dental Visits:
Getting orthodontic appliances is a treatment that’s spread across months. Always prioritize regular monthly checkups for better maintenance, professional attention and tracking progress of your treatment.

Dietary Choices:
Be mindful of the foods you have. Try to avoid hard, chewy foods that may affect the wires and cause it to break.
Use Dental Wax:
Getting used to braces can itself be a task of its own. Use a dental wax to prevent or subside irritation or pain caused due to braces.
Fluoride Mouthwash:
With braces, there are higher chances of bacteria to reside in corners and areas beneath the brackets. To combat this issue, use a fluoride mouthwash after every meal or when you think it’s necessary.
Rinsing your mouth with water is also great to spit out residual food particles.

Conclusive Remarks

Post braces care can be tricky, challenging and difficult to get used to. But stick to a schedule; with multiple trial and errors you can find what works best for you. Start from incorporating daily brushing and flossing and take steady steps towards committing to an outstanding oral care routine.
If you have any questions regarding the process of getting braces or after care, you can also connect with our expert orthodontists at Spring Cypress Dental. Book your appointment on (281) 256-3222 for immediate assistance.


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