Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Mar 27, 2019

At their young ages, children depend on their parents to provide for them and oversee their general healthcare. When it comes to dental care, there areother ways to protect your child’s teeth in addition to brushing and flossing:

Be mindful of what goes in your child’s mouth

While trying to pacify a baby, it’s common practice to put them down for a nap with a bottle of milk, formula, or juice. As healthy as these food items are, however, they contain sugar and when they stay in the mouth for too long, it leads to bacterial buildup and tooth decay. It is healthier to pacify your baby with water.

Watch out for sweet medicines

To help small children ingest medicine, it usually needs to be sweet in flavor.  Because of the high sugar content, when these medicines stick to your child’s teeth, it increases the risk of tooth decay. Some asthma medications have been known to lead to oral thrush; this appears as creamy patches inside the mouth or on the tongue.

While they undergo long-term treatment, it may be important to brush your child’s teeth as many as 4 times daily. Talk to your dentist about it.

Start dental checkups early

Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is a part of preventive care. Also, by getting ahead of any dental issues, you will likely save yourself some money in their formative years. When you go for your own checkup, have the dentist look at your child’s teeth as well.

If you are in Texas and you need a top-quality family dental clinic that will cater to you and your child’s needs, visit Spring Cypress. For inquiries or to make an appointment, please call 281-256-3222.


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