Why We Need Pediatric Dentists

Oct 9, 2015

Pediatric dentists are involved in a profession that works around the oral hygiene and health of kids right from the start through the teenage years. These dentists have qualifications and experience that are needed to examine and recommend care for children’s mouths, gums, and overall oral health throughout the different stages they pass through in their developing years.

Children grow baby teeth in the first six months of their life. By the age of 6 and 7, the baby teeth begin to fall, which is with time replaced with a set of permanent teeth. With the absence of proper oral care, children are at risk of tooth decay and diseases that can result in complications and pain that can potentially last a lifetime. In current time, dental infectious diseases in young children are five times more common than health problems like asthma, and also seven times more common than hay fever.

The Training Pediatric Dentists Receive

Pediatric dentists have to complete at least 4 years of education at a reputed dental school, and then dedicate themselves to residency training for children, teens, and children with special needs.

The Types of Treatments That Pediatric Dentists Give

Pediatric dentists give you thorough oral health care that has the following:

– Oral health assessments for both mothers and kids. The exam for mothers is a risk assessment so as to see if there is anything that would be carried from mother to child.

– Dental care on the preventive front that includes fluoride treatments and cleaning, along with nutrition suggestions.

– Counseling on various habits like thumb sucking and the use of pacifier.

– Repair of defects and cavities in teeth.

Management of diseases inflicted on the gums and conditions that include mucoceles, short frenulae, and ulcers.

– Care for injuries like fractured teeth, knocked out or displaced teeth.

– Proper diagnoses of oral conditions that might be linked with diseases like asthma, congenital heart defect, diabetes, and hay fever.

How to Find One

Pediatric dentists have been known to practice in different locations. Some have private practices, are part of a dental school or a medical center. Some pediatricians can help you find a pediatric dentist close to your home.

Children are not just smaller adults that need minimal treatments like the way adults receive. Children are hardly ever patient or even cooperative during a dental exam. If you have ever taken your kid to the barber, you will know.

These dentists are specialized in examining and treating children in ways that make them feel comfortable. On top of that, pediatric dentists have specially designed equipment in offices that are arranged and designed keeping in mind what the children will make of it.

A pediatric dentist gives you a wide range of options for treatment, and has expertise and training that is targeted to care for the child’s teeth, mouth, and gums. When you choose a pediatric dentist and they tell you that they will first administer a dental exam, you can be assured that your child is in the best possible care.


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