Why Metal Free Fillings?

Jun 15, 2017

Despite our efforts to brush our teeth several times a day and floss regularly, sometimes a cavity is inevitable. With cavities come fillings, but as luck would have it, technology has evolved in the dental world just as it has everywhere else. Many dentists are now adopting and implementing metal free fillings in their practice.

In the past, fillings were a mixture of metals that consisted of liquid mercury and silver and sometimes even tin and copper. This technique was used because metal hardens becoming strong and durable, characteristics we all want when our teeth are considered. However, over time metal fillings proved unreliable and inconsistent.

Fillings made of metal can shrink or expand with the change in temperature as they’re exposed to hot or cold foods. As a result of the shifting, the filling can weaken and loosen, or detach entirely. This could eventually lead to further issues as an already weakened tooth is now exposed to bacteria. To avoid this nightmare of a situation, metal free fillings are now available and come highly recommended.

Benefits of Metal Free Fillings

The choice of using a dentist that practices metal free dentistry is a wise one, especially in regards to metal free fillings. Avoiding the potential of posing a further risk to the overall dental health of your mouth and gums is a huge bullet point on the list of reasons why fillings should be metal free, but there are other reasons too.

Metal fillings often require drilling while metal free fillings do not. This simple change results in a more pleasant office visit and reduces most if not all anxiety some patients encounter when they realize a filling is needed.

Metal-free fillings aren’t as temperamental. Metal fillings of the past were known to cause toothaches because of their sensitivity to hot and cold. Metal-free fillings are more consistent and offer a better quality of care and comfort.

Old fillings containing metal posed the risk of shifting. Metal-free fillings are bonded directly to the surface of the tooth. Consequently, the tooth is stronger than it was before ensuring it functions as a normal, healthy tooth would. Pass the hard candy! Just make sure you brush afterward.

Aesthetically, metal-free fillings match the color of your existing teeth rendering the filling practically invisible. No more risk of metal shouting secrets of your fillings every time you smile or laugh.

If you’re wishing to explore the option of metal-free fillings and you’re in the Cypress area, reach out to Spring Cypress Dental for a consultation.



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