Metal-Free Dentistry is it Worth it?

Feb 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered why people switch to metal-free fillings? Or why is it that metal fillings are bad in the first place? Fillings have always been a mainstay of dental care. But with advances in technology and improved understanding of the human body, experts are in for new alternatives. In today’s blog, we will talk about where to find metal-free dentistry. And the differences between a metal-free filling and metal fillings.

People who suffer from toothaches know that it can be more painful than a migraine. Fillings are the most common method for treating cavities. Patients can have peace of mind knowing that fillings can effectively relieve pain and discomfort. Let’s check out why you should consider switching to metal-free filling.
Have you ever wondered why metal-free fillings are more popular than their predecessors and metal fillings? Do they hurt more or less? For those who know that metal fillings can be sensitive to hot and cold, that sensation may be so uncomfortable.

Nowadays, good can always get better. Metal fillings may have been the best, but the metal-free filling has shifted the standards in what people look for when it comes to a filling. You have probably heard of metal fillings before. It is a popular dental procedure used to fill cavities on teeth caused by tooth decay.
What are Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings are made up of multiple layers that fit over the cavity and onto the tooth, much like a cast. This can help repair and protect the area where bacteria and plaque have collected in your mouth. Since metal absorbs temperature from its surroundings, Metal fillings were notorious for causing this kind of pain, because they would expand or contract when exposed to hot or cold, respectively. For people with metal fillings and molars, hot and cold could trigger discomfort leading to an increased duration of their toothache. This can disrupt their daily routines and be a source of stress.

What is Metal-Free Filling?
People never realize how their smiles transform their appearance until they get a metal-free filling. This is because a person’s smile and teeth are the first things that people see when you meet them and this can leave a lasting impression. A metal-free filling offers a more consistent tooth surface quality which provides a more natural look, giving you the confidence and passive beauty that everybody wants.
With dental care continuing to climb and the significant risks associated with metal fillings, individuals are seeking out ways to avoid future issues. Metal-free fillings can offer the same performance and potentially better care than past options, as well as an increase in comfort.

We hope you find the reasons why more people are switching to metal-free fillings. We are also glad to inform you that we have metal-free dentistry in Spring Cypress Dental. In our clinic, we make sure to apply modern practices to help and serve our patients the best we can. Book your appointment today and stop those oral health issues. Call us at 281-256-3222 and visit our website to learn more


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