How Long Does It Take to Get Complete Dentures

Jun 13, 2018

A mouth without teeth not only makes you look older, it is also unhealthy. Without teeth you are unable to chew your food properly, so the body isn’t able to extract all the nutrients it needs from the foods you eat. A set of complete dentures changes everything. You have a smile of which you can be proud, you look younger since your facial muscles now have the support they need and you get healthier. Complete dentures provide you with the chewing surfaces necessary for adequately breaking down food. How long will you have to wait to get these dentures?

The Process

The time it takes from beginning the process to the day you get to wear your new complete dentures depends on a few factors. If there are teeth or root tips that need to be extracted first, this will have an impact on the process. It usually takes a few months for the extraction sites to heal. If there are no teeth and no root tips needing extraction the process is faster, usually taking three to four visits.

The process for making complete denturestakes a few steps, which includes making impressions of the ridges and making measurements to get the correct “bite” pattern. It also includes a wax mockup of the artificial teethto make sure the dentures will fit correctly before the actual dentures are made. The model goes to the lab for fabricating each step.

Each visit to the dentist is for making adjustments to the mockup in order to make sure the final set of complete dentures fit correctly and match the features of the patient’s face. Artificial teeth that are too big, too long, too short or too narrow change the appearance, so finding the perfect teeth for replacement is crucial.

The complete dentures are placed in the mouth after the final step of the process. There still may be some adjustments, and it is not uncommon to have sore spots which will need to be removed by adjusting the dentures from time to time.

Extracting Teeth for Complete Dentures

When there are teeth or root tips that need to be extracted in order to make the complete dentures, the process is longer. This is because the extraction sites need time to heal. This can take up to six months. The size of the site and the health of the patient are factors in the time it takes to heal. Once they are healed, the fabrication process can begin.

Immediate Dentures

In some instances a patient cannot be without teeth for an extended period of time. For these cases immediate dentures are made. The process is somewhat different in that the impressions and models are made with the natural teeth intact. The finished complete denture is made with artificial teeth and the natural teeth are extracted just before the denture is put in the mouth. This process requires special after-care because removing the dentures too soon can be problematic due to swelling.

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