Is It Ever Too Late To Get Braces?

Nov 15, 2023

While we all say, often chant, age is just a number, is it really practical too? Let us unpack this statement in light of getting braces. Braces are orthodontic appliances used to treat crooked and misaligned teeth. Is there an age to get braces? As research suggests that braces work best in children where jaws are still growing and it’s true.

However, there is good news!

Age does not confine an individual to get braces. So whether you are 12 or 22 the option to undergo this treatment remains open. Getting braces as an adult can be confidence altering as it lends itself towards a uniquely transformative journey for a healthier and confident smile. Let us now discuss options that you can choose from if you are also considering getting one!

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces is a most common form of braces when we talk about orthodontic treatment. It is a metal wire tray that sits atop the teeth array correcting major alignment issues related to teeth and jaw.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional, conventional braces but are implanted behind the teeth to reduce visibility. This can be a viable, discrete option for adults who are concerned about aesthetic alterations and are not looking to draw unnecessary attention to their ongoing orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic Braces

Similar to traditional ones, these are placed in the frontal zone but use ceramic based brackets rather than metal ones. This causes the braces to camouflage with the look of one’s teeth. This not only provides functional but aesthetic solutions so it is a win-win!

Self-ligating Braces

These also work the same as traditional braces but what sets them apart is their design. Self Ligating braces do not require elastic bands to connect rather have specialized clips that attach brackets with the archwire. These are relatively discrete due to their design. Self-ligating are more comfortable and require less cleaning and maintenance.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners (invisalign) are clear trays that are a step up from traditional braces. These are gears that surround the teeth and are almost invisible when worn. Clear aligners work best for minor teeth adjustments and also provide required aesthetical value. However, these are not an appropriate solution for major teeth and jaw repositioning.

Final Takeaway

The idea of braces is more anticipated and inclined towards children and adolescents as they are more receptive to change due to their growing age.
However, age doesn’t restrict one from getting braces. Adults can choose from traditional, ceramic, lingual, aligners or self-ligating braces.
With the growing advancements in dentistry and expertise, Spring Cypress Dental offers a variety of dental treatments suitable for adults. So whether you are considering restorative dental procedures or preventive care, we aim to provide optimum services tailored to our patient’s needs, prioritizing satisfaction and comfort. You can call us at (281) 256-3222.


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