The “Ins and Outs” of Invisible Braces

Apr 26, 2017

There was a time when having braces meant having an awkward and cumbersome oral routine; but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Invisible braces can take you on a beautiful journey so you can correct your teeth, look flawless and even help get your bite into alignment.

Invisible braces are clear trays that are usually changed every couple of weeks and are discreet, so you and your mouth are more comfortable.

Computer Generated Smile.

The trays for invisible braces are designed with computer precision, giving you the best smile you can get! Rating high on the comfort scale, invisible braces come with less sores and discomfort than traditional braces simply due to less wires and manual manipulation for a happier you.

The Clear Choice

In some cases, misalignment issues or complex teeth placement or movement may require a traditional approach. But if you are experiencing some issues in the following areas, you might want to consider correcting the problem with invisible braces:

  • Overbite
  • Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Removable for Cleaning

Invisible braces come right off for brushing and flossing teeth, helping you keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible. Having the ability to remove your braces and go about your normal routine is a pleasure. No extra steps in the upkeep.


There are no food restrictions due to your invisible braces. You can have carrots, apples, and corn on the cobb with all that crunch. Traditionally, there’s no popcorn, peanuts, or Cracker Jack’s allowed either; but now there is, and that’s a good reason to smile. Enjoy (but don’t forget to brush and floss).

PLUS: It could save you some time.  You should only need to come in once every month to six weeks, which is less often than with traditional braces. Freedom.

Are Invisible Braces Right for you?

When choosing your professional, find one who has experience. They’ll know all about the options and can help you get the smile for which you seek. Spring Cypress Dental, located in Cypress, Texas, has a full staff ready to help. Call them at 281-256-3222 or visit them online.  Contact them for a free consultation.


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