If These Signs Occur, You Might Need a Root Canal

Dec 15, 2022

Imagine taking a bite of your favorite snack only to reel back in pain. What could have possibly made your tooth radiate agonizing pain and discomfort? Dental pain can occur for multiple reasons. Your tooth pain could possibly be because your tooth needs to undergo a root canal procedure. To know if this is the case, your dentist might ask you about certain signs that show if you need a root canal.
Root canal symptoms help you know if your tooth needs this treatment or another one. After diagnosing the cause, the endodontist will perform a suitable procedure to relieve you of the pain. Carry on reading to learn the warning signs that you need a root canal.

Signs That Occur When You Need a Root Canal

Your endodontist will be able to diagnose if you need a root canal or not. This is because certain symptoms can help indicate the cause of your discomfort.

These are some indications that the decay has reached your tooth’s pulp:

1. You Have Constant Agonizing Pain

Your tooth will start hurting non-stop when the decay manages to get close to your tooth’s pulp. The damage will result in severe, unbearable pain that indicates your tooth nerve is affected. However, it’s not necessary that the pain constantly occurs — you might have an ache that comes and goes. Moreover, the pain might spread to your jaw, face, and other teeth.
Instead of waiting to see if the pain goes away on its own, visit your dentist for an immediate check-up.

2. Your Tooth is Sensitive to Hot & Cold Triggers
The root canal symptoms include tooth sensitivity. This means that your tooth will hurt when it comes in contact with hot or cold triggers. So having ice cream, drinking tea, and more will cause pain due to sensitivity. And this is not all; your tooth might hurt even when you are done with the food or drink.
Tooth sensitivity occurs because your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves might be damaged or infected. It is one of the primary signs that you need a root canal.

3. The Color of Your Gums or Tooth Has Changed
Your gums or teeth could look darker due to an infection. Therefore, an injury could limit how much blood your tooth receives, causing its pulp to die. Infection and other factors could also make your gums appear darker.

4. Your Gums are Swollen
The gums near your painful tooth will appear swollen if you need a root canal. In addition, the swollen gums might hurt when you touch them. Not to forget, you might notice an abscess or pus-filled pimple on your gums. So if your gum is swollen around one tooth or more, visit a dentist.

5. You Have a Loose Tooth
Signs that you need a root canal include loose teeth. This is because acidic waste products could soften the bone as a result of nerve death. Your tooth could become loose due to other conditions as well. Thus, always visit your dentist when such symptoms appear.

What to Do Now?

Whatever your symptoms are, your dentist can probably help. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact an endodontist or a dentist. Spring Cypress Dental is always here to treat your dental issues and fix your teeth! Contact our team at (281) 256-3222.


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