How Pediatric Dentistry Is Different and Why It Matters

Jan 5, 2019

Dentistry may seem somewhat simple.  You need your teeth cleaned, or a cavity taken care of, so you make an appointment and go see your dentist.  Yep, simple enough.  Now is that the same for a child?  The short answer is yes, but in reality the answer is a very big NO.

Just like when your child becomes ill and you take them to a pediatrician, the same is true for oral care.  Seeing a pediatric dental or orthodontic specialist can make all the difference.  Children’s mouths are more difficult to clean and therefore they are more susceptible to build up and decay.  A dentist experienced in pediatrics is able to clean more efficiently, catch potential problem areas before they escalate into very large problems, and use preventative measures specific to children.

Likewise, a child specialist in orthodontics can make all the difference.  Early interceptive orthodontic therapy for children can be crucial.  Our specially trained doctors can detect abnormal growth and determine the need for oral treatment at an early age.  This can prevent any potential difficulties in both dental and skeletal development that may arise from early tooth loss, natural or accidental deficiencies, or destructive habits such as thumb sucking.

Your child’s teeth are no joke, so don’t waste your time with a clown.  Call (281) 256-3222 to schedule an appointment for your little one today.  Spring Cypress Dental is located at 17330 Spring Cypress Rd. STE 115, Cypress, Texas 77429.


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