How Necessary Is Teeth Polishing After a Dental Visit?

Dec 15, 2019

Daily consumption of coffee, tea, wine may lead to the staining of teeth. People believe that through the process of teeth polishing, they will get rid of stains on their teeth, but it doesn’t remove the stains much. The dentist can instead polish a few teeth than the entire set if the need is there.

Teeth polishing also helps to smooth out the surface of the teeth. This smoothness doesn’t let the teeth stain soon as the plaque does not accumulate on the teeth. The bacteria no longer gets caught up on the teeth, and it ultimately saves the patient from any possible oral diseases. Although teeth polishing process can add some shine and smoothness to the teeth, it is not very necessary because it does not help with tooth decay or even tooth cancer.

Dental Polishing the Correct Way

Polishing the teeth over rubs them, which eventually results in the loss of enamel. However, it is avoidable by using a paste with finer grains instead of a gritty paste. An average human who over brushes his teeth can also harm them. It wears down the enamel for sure. Therefore, gentle strokes are rather helpful and make the effect more visible.

An Alternative to Tooth Polishing

The process of scaling is way more effective in removing the stains. It also helps to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Along with removing the stains, it also eliminates the lines on teeth. This even makes the teeth gleam more. However, a dentist must be consulted to know which option is the best and more suitable.

You may get a teeth polishing kit to polish at your own convenience; however, it is better to contact a professional so you may get the best result and enjoy a flawless smile. Spring Cypress Dental can be of your help in choosing the method that will be beneficial for you. Call us on 281-256-3222 for more information.


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