Here Is How Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist Will Be

Apr 15, 2021

You have just become a mom, and are worrying about your child’s dentist, this article will help you understand your next steps.

If your child hasn’t been to the dentist before, the first visit could be the most difficult. Most children attribute dental visits to pain because they glimpse the shiny objects in the dentist’s hand. If the child has any cavities or dental problems, then the situation worsens because the child now sees what he earlier believed to be accurate.

During your first visit to Spring Cypress Dental, we will walk you through our facility and show your child all the dental toys we’ve got. This will help reduce their fear as much as possible and help them count their teeth in the mirror.

What happens then is, while your child is watching their favorite cartoon, we will get the first procedure done; which is of professional cleaning of the teeth. Pediatrics are specialists at this, the child won’t even know we are there, and with that, we come to the end of the first appointment.

Afterward; our dentists will give your child a short brief on what they will go through during the next appointment; and what they should expect. This reduces the children’s fear of dental procedures and excites them to return soon. This also prepares the child to act upon the dentist’s advice.

Later, the dentist will inform you as a parent about what you need to do until the next visit. i.e., maintain oral hygiene at home and what measures you need to take. Our objective is quite simple. The child should have a good time, and you should have all the information you need. We want you to come back next time because you love our work as much as we do.

Now that you know where you take your child for their first dentist’s visit; you can visit us at Spring Cypress Dental. Call us before visiting to book an appointment at 281-256-3222.


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