Here Is How You Can Fix Your Dead Tooth

Sep 30, 2021

Every single tooth in your mouth is a living thing, and like everything, it can die too. Different reasons lead to a dead tooth, but no matter the reason, you need to go in for a medical checkup immediately.

What Is A Dead Tooth?

When blood stops flowing to a tooth of yours, that particular tooth is considered dead. Without blood, the tooth cannot live; hence you need to seek immediate medical attention. This process might happen in days, months, years or can happen in a matter of seconds.

How To Identify If You Have A Dead Tooth?

The easiest way to identify a dead tooth is that it changes its color or becomes very dark. In some cases, you may feel extreme pain because the nerves have become sensitive. Some people have complained of a sour taste in their mouth or lack of gums under the tooth they feel is dead.

How To Treat A Dead Tooth?

One of the most common ways to save a dead tooth is by root canal treatment. Your dentist will remove the pulp and add in a filling. It may sound like a long procedure, but you can achieve it in 1-2 seatings, and it will give you immense relief from the pain. If you cannot save the tooth, your dentist will have to extract your teeth and replace them with an implant.

Do you feel that your tooth is dying, then immediately visit Spring Cypress Dental? Call us at 281-256-3222 to inquire more.


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