Help! My Tooth Abscess is Still Swollen After 3 Days of Taking Antibiotics!

Nov 30, 2022

So you’ve just returned from the dentist, having been prescribed medicines for your dental abscess. But after 3 days of antibiotics, you notice that your tooth abscess is still swollen. You’re still in pain and still can’t eat properly. Is the medicine prescribed wrong, or is it not working on you? Before you start panicking, take a deep breath. It’s okay! In this blog, we’ll tell you why some antibiotics can take time to work.

Is It Normal For Tooth Abscess to Still be Swollen After 3 Days of Antibiotics?

Since a dental abscess is caused by bacteria nestling into the tooth’s pulp, bringing its effects down a notch can take some time. Once the bacteria eat the pulp, damaging the surrounding nerves and connective tissues, the severity of a dental abscess increases. That is why dentists ask you to take antibiotics.

They’re essentially used to bring down the swelling so the pus-filled pocket of the affected tooth can be drained without further contamination.

This means that for the swelling to go down, you need to take your medication consistently. It’s because of this you might think there’s no effect. However, slowly, the swelling will go down. This can be noted by the fifth-day mark. If not, contact your dentist immediately.

How long does it take for abscess swelling to go down after antibiotics?

When you’ve adapted the routine of consistently taking your medication, the first thing you’ll notice is the pain going away. This will happen around the 2nd to 4th-hour mark. However, it will take longer for the swelling to go down.

During the initial hours after ingesting antibiotics, your digestive system will have to process them, so they work properly. It’s only after 24 to 48 hours later will the swelling slowly start to reduce. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that the size of the swollen abscess also matters.

For instance, if the affected area is smaller than a squash ball, it will likely take 24 to 36 hours to neutralize. Whereas if it’s bigger, it could take 48 hours or longer.

Can a Dental Abscess Go Away Without Antibiotics?

No. A tooth abscess does not simply disappear on its own. It requires proper care and treatment for it to reduce. Moreover, only a dentist can drain an infected abscess.

If the abscess pops or leaks, it might feel better. But don’t let that fool you. As relieving as it may feel, you’ll still need basic dental treatment to remove or sanitize the tooth. This is done to keep the surrounding teeth and gums from getting infected by the bacteria.

Final Takeaway

If your tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics, it’s okay. It will likely go down soon. However, if the pain persists and the swelling doubles, seek urgent dental care. You can do this by contacting Spring Cypress Dental at (281) 256-3222. For an in-person visit, you can find us by heading over to 17330 Spring Cypress Rd # 115, Cypress, TX 77429. Our clinic is located right in the center of Cypress Mill Plaza.


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