Extraction vs. Root Canal: What is Better?

Feb 15, 2020

When your tooth becomes damaged or infected, the dentist either removes it completely or treats it through a root canal treatment. A comparison of extraction vs. root canal can be difficult, but it is good to know which one is best for you.

When to go for a root canal

The dentists recommend a root canal when the pulp in the core of the teeth is damaged, but the tooth is still in good condition. Pulp provides healthy blood flow to the teeth but when cavities develop in the teeth or when you crack your teeth it becomes dead. Both situations allow bacteria to reach the pulp, which causes infection in the pulp.

For a root canal, the dentist takes a root canal x-ray and numbs the area and creates an opening in the tooth. The dentist then removes the pulp and cleans the entire area. After this, the bacteria no longer remains in the tooth.

After removing the pulp, the dentist fills the tooth with suitable material so that the tooth would function similarly as it used to. The last step is to place a crown on the tooth with which it gets more strength to chew food.

When to choose tooth extraction

When it becomes difficult for the dentist to save the tooth, he/she extracts it. This is true in the case of extensive cavities that spoils the majority of your tooth. A large cavity can make a tooth difficult to repair.

Extraction is also necessary if you have had a major fracture. If the crack goes even below the gum line, there is no solution except for extraction.
The dentist numbs the area, starts loosening the tooth and then pulls it out. Due to excessive bleeding, the dentist asks the patient to bite a gauze so that blood clots can form. A person can experience bleeding even a day after the extraction.
Always ask a dentist to make a comparison of root canal vs extraction so you may decide for yourself which option is better. The ultimate decision lies with the dentist; however, it makes it easy to accept the decision. Visit Spring Cypress Dental and let the experts decide what is better for your teeth. You can call us on 281-256-3222 and book an appointment for a root canal or an extraction.


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