Eating after root canal

Oct 30, 2020

After having a root canal, patients have concerns regarding routine and diet changes for a few days until the tooth is healing. However, modern-day procedures are much more comfortable, and recovery occurs quickly, resulting in a higher success rate, but few precautions are necessary. Eating after a root canal is one area where the person has to take great care. Tooth withstands pressure and cracks in the treatment and needs care; hence only soft and cold food should be on the menu list for a few days. It is better to consider two areas;

  1. How are you eating your food?
  2. What type of food are you eating?

In the root canal, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned from inside, and the infected pulp is removed. The new filling takes its place, and finally, the crown secures the area. At times there is a need for incision and a few stitches; however, conditions vary. It saves the natural tooth and extends its life. After the treatment, the tooth needs extra care so that the filling settles down. The process mends decays, cracks, and chips and gives you relief from sensitivity and toothache.

Immediately eating after root canal 

If you feel hungry a few hours after the root canal, specific suggestions might be of help.

  • Try eating from the other side of your mouth. Avoid using the tooth and surrounding ones that have had a root canal. The stitches and filling won’t be dry and cause problems.
  • Have only cold drinks and soft food that doesn’t need a lot of chewing. Do not use a straw and eat slowly. Try not to have soup or coffee that is hot; instead, have your favorite ice cream.

Which soft foods to eat after root canal 

We have already discussed that only soft food should be taken after the root canal so that teeth do not face any pressure or burden to chew the food, and it quickly melts in the mouth. Few suggestions include soft fruits and veggies like bananas, mangoes and mashed potatoes, yogurt, pudding, etc. You can also have milkshake, smoothies, and fresh juices to satisfy your hunger.

Foods to avoid after root canal 

This category involves all the hard and crunchy food that can damage the filling in the tooth. Few examples are vegetables and fruits, including carrots, corn, apples or sticky candies, gums, and nuts. Furthermore, avoid drinking alcohol as it can cause bleeding if accidentally comes in contact with the mouth’s fresh wounds. Also, do not have hot and spicy food as it triggers sensitivity and can damage the fillings.

So, after knowing about these foods, it is easy to choose what to have and how to have after the treatment. The tooth heals quickly with proper care in eating after the root canal. For further guidance or advice about the procedure, contact Spring Cypress Dental. Call us at 281-256-322 to schedule your appointment.


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