Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Aug 15, 2020

Many people like to ask, “does a tooth extraction hurt?” It is common for patients to ask about this as you may need a tooth extraction if you suffer from problems with your teeth, such as a fractured tooth. Let us learn a little about tooth extraction and general things dentists do to help make tooth extraction as painful as possible!

Why is tooth extraction sometimes necessary?

You may need a tooth extraction if you have an infection, decay, disease, or trauma. The goal is always to preserve your natural teeth; however, some infections or injuries may cause the need to do a tooth removal. Leaving a tooth that needs extraction causes more pain, discomfort, and overall damage.

Let us look at an example. Partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth cause severe complications if they stay in the mouth. These teeth can get infected, push against other teeth, or even ruin your amazing smile’s alignment.

Getting a tooth extraction helps avoid discomfort, decay, and other issues that can affect your bone, gums, and neighboring teeth.

How will a good dentist perform a tooth extraction?

In the modern era, expert dentists like Spring Cypress Dental will use sedation dentistry to help make your extraction pain-free. Dentists at Spring Cypress Dental will administer sedation through the use of safe sedative medications that are inhaled or ingested by you.

You will still exhibit consciousness; however, our goal is to make you feel like you are in a sleep/dream-like state during the extraction.

Of course, depending on your situation, dentists at Spring Cypress Dental will determine what is best for you! Always consult with professional dentists like Spring Cypress Dental, to know what is the best option for you!

What exactly happens during the procedure?

Many patients like to ask questions such as, “does a tooth extraction hurt?” They may also ask, “what exactly happens during the procedure?”

During a tooth extraction, there is a removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. If a tooth is damaged, your dentist will fix it through a filling, crown, or another method. The most common reason tooth extraction is needed is when there is too much damage to a tooth in which it can not be repaired.

Final thoughts

We hope the question “does a tooth extraction hurt” is a bit more clear! If you require a tooth extraction, you have come to the right place! Spring Cypress Dental is your one-stop for all dental needs, including seamless and pain-free tooth extraction. We are your local dentist in Cypress, Texas, and we want you to have a dentist that cares about you and your loved ones. Call us today at 281-256-3222 . You can also visit our website at


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