Do You Why You Smell Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask?

Mar 30, 2021

If you can feel that unpleasant smell of your breath under your mask; it is not because of the mask’s quality but because you’ve got an oral health problem. As per studies, more than 80 million people worldwide who have bad breath don’t even know about it.

But now that masks are very common to protect us from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this issue has come into sight.

Do You Know Why Does Your Breath Stink?

There are several reasons for bad breath, and some external reasons are consuming tea, coffee, garlic, and smoking. But some internal reasons are that you do not maintain proper oral hygiene.

When your body gets dehydrated and loosed excessive water, this leads to having bad breath. And if you are someone suffering from sinus, then you must be facing a similar problem.

How Can You Eliminate Bad Breath?

Because you have not been able to assess the reason for your bad breath, the best way to find out is by eliminating the different factors.

Start with cleaning up your oral hygiene issues. Because if you are able to sort this out, and you’re still having problems, then your dentist will be able to help you further eliminate factors adn reason a solution.

Your Oral Health Is A Priority

Your dentist will always encourage you to prioritize your oral health because if you have cavities and bacteria in your mouth, you will have bad breath, leading to more severe problems.

You must brush twice a day and floss daily using fluoride toothpaste. Stay hydrated and always go in for regular dental checkups.

If you are looking to visit a dentist, you can visit Spring Cypress Dental. We have a team of experienced dentists who will be able to assist you when needed. Call us at 281-256-3222 to schedule an appointment.


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