Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

May 12, 2016

The people who are thinking about getting dental implants might have a few questions regarding the whole process that definitely need to be answered before they begin. Most individuals get squeamish or become nervous at the very thought of getting dental implants because of the extensive work which is required to be done in their mouth.

Below are a few facts regarding the procedure of dental implants which will ease your concerns:

1. The Implant Procedure is Pre-Planned

Once the patient and the orthodontist decide that they want to move forward with dental implants, it is essential for the patient to stay prepared for some procedures and tests that need to be carried out before the actual implant procedure. The doctor usually takes X-rays of your mouth in order to understand where the implants must be placed. After that, the doctor plans out the accurate setting of the new teeth so that any potential issues can be avoided during the implant procedure.

2. The Process is Practically Painless

One more thing you should remember is that the actual implant process is virtually painless. The primary reason to why most of the people refuse to get this procedure is pain. However, if you do go through with it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that an anesthesia injection in the area of the implantation is all that’s needed to make sure they are kept comfortable throughout the process.

The only sensations one can possibly expect are the feelings of some vibrations when the implants are being placed. On top of this, if any of that is distressful to a patient, many of the orthodontists consider providing anti-anxiety medicines to soothe the patient’s nerves. Plus, if there are any serious concerns regarding anxiety, it might also be possible to get the procedure carried out under general anesthesia. All in all, there are several options for pain control that you can discuss with your doctor while planning this procedure.

3. There’s Minimal Pain Afterwards

One common misconception regarding this procedure is that the recovery process tends to be painful. The fortunate thing is that most of the patients report feeling minimal pain after getting the surgery. There might be soreness in the area of the implants one day after the surgery, similar to what you would experience once you get an extraction or filling. However, the only medication you need for pain is usually ibuprofen after every few hours to keep this problem under control. Apart from ibuprofen, the dentist can also prescribe a mouth rinse and an oral antibiotic to keep your mouth from being infected.


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