Dental issues a crown or bridge can fix

Oct 30, 2023

Dental crowns and bridges are two types of orthodontic treatments that are used to restore lost, broken or cracked or chipped teeth. This blog aims to delve deeper into defining the two procedures and how they are effective cosmetic and restorative procedures used to combat dental health issues.

Dental Crowns:
Dental crowns are custom made caps used as a covering on a cracked, chipped or broken tooth. Crowns can be made from materials such as porcelain, ceramic, metal and mimic the size and shape of an actual tooth. This is effective on singular tooth/teeth in varying positions.

Dental Bridges:
Dental Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. It is an effective cosmetic procedure used to replace one or more missing teeth by connecting them with existing adjacent teeth. Bridges are customized, removable faux teeth that not only are helpful for chewing purposes but also maintain alignment and shape of the overall dental structure.

Dental Issues A Crown or Bridge Can Fix

Loosened Teeth:
In cases of weak tooth structures due to tooth decay, fillings can be temporary fixes and are not viable as a long-term solution. However, dental crowns can be an effective way to cement the tooth in place providing a long-lasting solution for dental issues.

Cracked, Broken or Chipped Tooth:
Dental crowns are an ideal and effective way to improve appearance and functionality of teeth structures. Providing a cap for cracked, broken and chipped teeth, it can hide the irregularities in tooth structure while enhancing the smile.

Enamel Repair:
Aggressive tooth brush, tooth grinding and consumption of acidic foods can erode the enamel, weakening the tooth structure and functional integrity. Dental crowns and bridges can repair enamel providing support and restoring tooth size, structure and appearance.

Improved Gum Condition:
Tooth decay can penetrate into the gums, creating periodontal issues. Regular dental checkups can be helpful for restoring tooth health and increasing the functional and structural oral health. This can also be helpful for an improved gum health.

Chewing Difficulties:
Gaps between the teeth can cause chewing difficulties. Hence, dental crowns and bridges can help combat chewing problems that are caused by broken or missing teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges can be a customized solution to fix dental issues with proper care and assistance.

Cosmetic Benefits:
Dental crowns and bridges not only act as a technical dental fix but also enhance the overall appearance and cosmetic appeal.

Conclusive Remarks:
Dental treatments have evolved to be effective in order to restore functional, cosmetic and structural tooth related issues.

If you are looking to repair damaged teeth and restore a beautiful smile, providing both functional and cosmetic benefits; contact our expert orthodontists at Spring Cypress Dental. Book your appointment on (281) 256-3222 for immediate care and customized assistance.


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