Dental Implants for seniors

Dec 30, 2020

Our body undergoes numerous changes as we get old; moreover, aging also affects our oral strength. People start losing their permanent teeth after the age of 65 or 70. Therefore, we see many older people wearing dentures to avoid embarrassment and continue their diet routines. Besides their age factor, handling and maintaining braces is not easy; and they often have to give up their favorite food choices. To avoid it, many today opt for dental implants for seniors. It is a safe method and results in a healthy artificial structure that performs exactly like the natural tooth. However, before making the choices, there are a few considerations to take care of to avoid complications later on.

What to consider before dental implants for seniors

  • Before carrying on the procedure, the senior patient’s thorough oral checkup ensures that it’s healthy enough to hold the implant. The process is permanent, and only if the conditions are normal and healthy will the treatment begin.
  • The bone density is essential; the implant needs strong bones to hold the new teeth. If the individual’s bone density is weak and can’t support the new structure; first, steps are taken to regain the density. Possibilities vary with age, and whether you are an ideal candidate or not, your practitioner will let you know.
  • Few medical conditions do not allow implants in seniors, such as diabetes or a weak immune system. Hence, only after precise inspection, the treatment is carried forward.

In people with old age, dental implants are successful; only the healing period is a bit long due to the age factor. In fact, at this stage of life, they prefer a permanent procedure. A solution that can give them relief from the hassle of regularly visiting the dentist, or taking care of their braces.

The benefits of dental implants for seniors

There are several benefits that the seniors enjoy after their implant procedures. Firstly, they can bite, chew, and eat whatever they like. Until the food is healthy and there are no health restrictions, they can eat their favorite food without worrying about their teeth. Moreover, it makes them feel fresh, and they enjoy their appearance once again. Seniors feel glad to show off their bright smile, which otherwise is lost somewhere due to their lost teeth. This all adds to their confidence and sound health that increases with their happiness.

Although it seems to be an expensive solution, it is the only permanent way at present to get teeth that function like natural teeth. Dentures often break and require constant maintenance; tackle implants like natural teeth. However, maintaining oral hygiene is essential; only the crown might need replacement after ten to fifteen years, depending on the wear and tear if it occurs. If you are looking for dental implants for seniors, or have any doubts about the procedure, talk to us. Call Spring Cypress Dental at 281-256-3222 to schedule your oral appointment.


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