Dental Buildup

Nov 30, 2019

Dental buildup or core buildup is a treatment for filling up a large amount of missing tooth structure in the mouth. The purpose of the treatment is to replace the missing portion of the tooth. It makes enough surface for the crown restoration and protects the base of the tooth. The procedure may take up to two to three weeks and usually requires more than a few dental treatments to place the crown properly.

Ways for a Dental buildup

Sometimes, when a tooth is severely broken or missing an enormous bit of its surface dentist prescribes a crown to reestablish capacity and appearance. Nonetheless, there are times when the rest of the tooth structure needs to reestablish some surface for adequate crown support. A crown buildup helps to build the structure of the tooth to restore the crown. Following are some of the ways to do it successfully:

Pin Retention

Pin retention is a technique for teeth with significant loss of tooth structure to allow retention of a direct restoration. It is suitable in case of an extensive cavity. It is a metal rod that goes inside the dentin and supports the filling. The pin protects the filling from coming out and is also suitable for gums. Successful pin retention saves a patient from tooth extraction.

Post Removal

Post removal is the best fit when the tooth loses an adequate base of the tooth. It is also suitable in case of a fracture of the tooth. Similarly, it provides a way for the root canal and also when the tooth has a reasonable long term forecast for a new restoration. It also proves beneficial when there is a recurring cavity.

What do we offer?

Spring Cypress Dental makes sure to make your experience of dental buildup painless and therefore ensures that the option that suits your tooth structure is used. If you are desirous of getting a dental call us on 281-256-3222 and we will choose the right option for you.


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