Three Common Root Canal Myths

Apr 22, 2015

Of all dental procedures, patients fear root canals the most. A recently conducted survey by the American Association of Endodontists revealed the overwhelming fear dental patients have with what has become an urban legend. However, the fears of sitting under the bright lights during a root canal typically develop from the stories of other dental patient experiences. In fact, most root canal patients leave the dental office with a prevailing feeling of “Well, that wasn’t so bad.”

Before you call your dentist to cancel your root canal treatment, review three of the greatest root canal myths to make your root canal appointment fear-free.
Myth #1 – The Procedure Causes Extreme Pain

The reason most people schedule root canal treatments derives from the immense pain caused by a sensitive tooth root. An infected pulp or dying tooth nerve represents the two most common reasons for root canal treatments. Yet, the myth that root canal treatments cause even more pain prevents many dental patients from scheduling appointments. Some patients even request a tooth extraction to avoid so-called root canal treatment pain. Dentists perform root canals to mitigate tooth pain, not to increase your misery. Advanced dental technology has shortened the amount of time that you suffer nagging (at worst) pain after a root canal.

Myth #2 – A Root Canal Treatment Will Make You Sick

Many dental patients drum up the most preposterous root canal myth to justify avoiding one of the most necessary dental procedures. The naysayers claim root canal therapy creates more bacteria that infect the mouth and cause illness. Research conducted over the past 100 years confirms that bacteria that form within teeth cavities indeed prompt the onset of illnesses such as arthritis and heart disease. However, root canal treatment reduces the number of bacteria by extracting the “root” cause of tooth cavity formation.

Myth #3 – The Procedure Takes A Long Time

Some dental patients proudly boast about their pain tolerance. Their reasons for not visiting the dentist, especially for procedures such as a root canal treatment, stems from the amount of time it takes to perform the procedures. At most, root canals require two appointments, one to analyze the extent of the bacterial infection and a second appointment to perform the root canal. The restoration of the tooth after root canal treatment does not comprise part of the root canal procedure. Cross “I don’t have the time” off your root canal treatment myth list.

Most dental patients justify avoiding root canal treatments based on reiterating one or more myths. Put aside the myths and schedule an appointment for one of the most important dental procedures that ensure vibrant oral health.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, call us at spring Cypress Dental, conveniently located on Spring Cypress Road in Cypress, TX. Our professional staff will be happy to provide you with options for your pain, and if a root canal is recommended, you can rest assured that it will be done quickly and as pain-free as possible.


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