Clear Braces Have Clear Advantages

Aug 15, 2018

Years ago, if you had misaligned teeth and you wanted to get them straightened, you would need to go to the orthodontist and you would come out with a mouth full of metal bands, brackets and wire; and tiny rubber bands too. Today, if you have misalignment, you may be able to forego all the metal and get clear braces. What a difference clear braces make.


One of the most advantageous aspects of clear braces is the convenience. In addition to being uncomfortable in your mouth, traditional braces come with diet restrictions. Hard foods, sticky foods, anything that will interfere with the metal brackets and wires are off limits. Clear braces do not have dietary restrictions. The clear aligners used are removable. They fit over your teeth and when it comes to mealtime or snack time, take them out, enjoy your food and put the aligners back in when you’re finished.

Traditional braces are also challenging to clean. One of the drawbacks to this method of straightening teeth is the potential for cavities to form around the metal bands. If you don’t keep those areas clean, you can put your teeth at risk for developing problems. On the other hand, with clear braces, take them out, brush and floss as you normally do, rinse off your aligners and put them back in. Very simple, very hygienic and very convenient.

Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly

Adults with misalignment are making the decision to straighten out their smile. Why now? Because they can do it without the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal bands, brackets and wires. Clear braces use aligners that are practically invisible. Every two weeks or so you get a new set to wear. Your teeth move into position without the need for metal. This system is so discreet friends and colleagues will most likely not even realize you are wearing braces.

Better Oral Health with Clear Braces

Misaligned teeth can cause a host of dental problems. Cleaning them thoroughly can be challenging. Overlapping provides nooks and crannies where dental plaque can build up. This buildup can cause gingivitis. Misaligned teeth may also be more susceptible to decay because the overlapping areas are so hard to keep clean.

Clear braces move your teeth into the optimum position. This makes it easier to brush and floss. When your teeth are straight, you can maintain good oral hygiene and prevent gingivitis and cavities from developing.

Don’t let misalignment of your teeth be a reason to minimize your smiles. Contact Spring Cypress and schedule an appointment for a consultation about clear braces. We work to help our patients acquire their best smile and keep it brilliant!


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