How to Care for Your Dentures at Home

Sep 29, 2015

Over time, dentures have gone through several development processes. The latest dentures provide people with comfort and are far more natural in appearance than previous models. People of all ages are more willing to have dentures due to these traits.

However, you cannot wear dentures and forget about them. Like your natural teeth, dentures also need caring. You have to maintain them so they never lose their natural teeth-like finish. If you have recently received your dentures from Spring Cypress Dental, your dentist may already have told you about how you can care for them at home.

If you are yet to receive your dentures and are still mulling over the thought, you need to take special care of your dentures. Here is how you can make sure your dentures stay in top condition:

  1. You Will Still Have to Visit Your Dentist

If you think that your trips to the dentist will completely stop after you receive your dentures, you are mistaken. You will be still required to visit the dental clinic to let the dentist perform dental cleaning and check-up to ensure your dentures are securely in place and not causing injury to your mouth.

  1. Remove Your Dentures to Clean Them

Do not wait until your next appointment with the dentist to clean your dentures. You need to learn how to clean your dentures at home as well. Before you begin to clean them, remove them from your mouth. You do not want to pull of your dentures with force, as it may cause your remaining natural teeth to come loose.  Always clean your dentures over the sink full of water in case you accidentally drop them.

  1. Use Purified and Cold Water to Clean Them

You should never clean your dentures using hot water or make the mistake of putting them in boiling water. Instead, use cold and purified water. After each meal, brush your dentures to eliminate debris.

Next, soak them in the cleaning solution. You should always change the cleaning solution and rinse the container you put it in. Remember, to clean your gums after you remove them, as it will remove all the bacteria from your mouth.

  1. Do Not Wear Dentures 24/7

If you wear dentures all day long, you will have an increased chance of bone loss. That’s why, you should take out your dentures, clean them, and put them aside to wear again in the morning.

You should always clean your dentures, as in doing so, you will prolong their life as well as your gums and any remaining teeth you still have in your mouth. Follow the aforementioned cleaning tips closely!

Are you coming to receive your dentures from Spring Cypress Dental? If you are headed over here, we will ensure you get high-quality dentures fitted by one of our trained and qualified dentists. We look forward to helping you keep smiling brightly and proudly for years to come.


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