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Here Is How Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist Will Be

Apr 15, 2021911 Views

You have just become a mom, and are worrying about your child’s dentist, this article will help you understand your next steps. If your child hasn’t been to the dentist before, the first visit could be the most difficult. Most children attribute dental visits to pain because they glimpse the shiny objects in the dentist’s […]

Do You Why You Smell Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask?

Mar 30, 20212001 Views

If you can feel that unpleasant smell of your breath under your mask; it is not because of the mask’s quality but because you’ve got an oral health problem. As per studies, more than 80 million people worldwide who have bad breath don’t even know about it. But now that masks are very common to […]

How To Take Care Of Your Gums?

Mar 15, 20211007 Views

Oral care or dental care is usually meant as taking care of your teeth but did you know that taking care of the gums is essential too. Instead of visiting an emergency dentist, read this article to learn about how to keep your gums clean and healthy. This will also help you avoid any inconvenience […]

Veneers vs. crowns; which one to choose

Feb 28, 20212284 Views

To get our dream smile, we need to put in efforts. Both veneers and crowns are ways to restore your smile; however, they are different methods. To know which one is better in your case, it is better to discuss with the dental team. They function by adding a cover to the surface of your […]

Is smoking after tooth extraction safe?

Feb 15, 20212229 Views

Tooth extraction is a result of various oral and health conditions. It can be after major or minor accidents, severe tooth decay, or poor oral health. However, it is the last option that your oral health practitioner will choose when teeth recovery is impossible. If you are a frequent smoker and have had removal, read […]

How long does teeth whitening last?

Jan 30, 20212339 Views

Before walking into a dental clinic for professional teeth whitening services, we often wonder how long teeth whitening last. The amount we spend, how much is it worth. Talking about professional services, your treatment will be worth each and every penny, and the results will be prominent; however, the length of time depends on your […]

Are veneers a permanent solution?

Jan 15, 20211093 Views

Veneers are strong, and with proper care, they can last for many years. However, if you ask, are veneers permanent? No, they are not but need a change after every ten to twelve years depending on the use, care, and maintenance. When you visit the dental clinic, you will get a clear idea of how […]

Dental Implants for seniors

Dec 30, 20201925 Views

Our body undergoes numerous changes as we get old; moreover, aging also affects our oral strength. People start losing their permanent teeth after the age of 65 or 70. Therefore, we see many older people wearing dentures to avoid embarrassment and continue their diet routines. Besides their age factor, handling and maintaining braces is not […]

What are the dos and don’ts after tooth extraction?

Dec 15, 20202074 Views

Tooth extraction might not be a comfortable experience, especially if you have dentophobia, but it is essential in many cases. Maybe your tooth has decay, and the bacteria is damaging it further and trying to enter into the blood vessels; or, the overcrowded gums cannot make way for the wisdom tooth. However, the extraction will […]

Ways to stop excessive bleeding after tooth extraction

Nov 30, 202037151 Views

The process of tooth extraction is relatively easier nowadays due to the use of medicines and sedatives. The patient feels no pain, just a bit of pressure on the jaw while the tooth is pulled out. However, what if excessive bleeding after tooth extraction occurs? Generally, it would be scary. During the first 12-24 hours, […]


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