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Why Does Mouthwash Burn, And How Can You Take care Of It?

Oct 30, 20211829 Views

Once you complete your brushing and flossing of the teeth; you must use a mouthwash to rinse and clean your mouth. This ensures you a more comprehensive clean because the mouthwash reaches places your brush and floss have not reached. But why does your mouth burn after using mouthwash? It is something to do with […]

Here Is How To Clean Your Dentures

Oct 20, 2021876 Views

You may hear people say that once you have your dentures placed, there is no worry about cleaning your teeth again, but unfortunately, that is not right. Your denture can get stains and look dirty, just like your regular teeth. Hence, to look bright and shining, you will have to take care of them and […]

Here Is How You Can Fix Your Dead Tooth

Sep 30, 20212301 Views

Every single tooth in your mouth is a living thing, and like everything, it can die too. Different reasons lead to a dead tooth, but no matter the reason, you need to go in for a medical checkup immediately. What Is A Dead Tooth? When blood stops flowing to a tooth of yours, that particular […]

When Would You Ever Need A Emergency Dental Care?

Sep 15, 20212508 Views

It’s not very common, but there is a possibility you may experience a dental emergency and have to go to an emergency dental care in the middle of the night. Here is when it’s not a common dental situation and is an emergency. Your Teeth Broke In The Middle Of The Night Did you notice […]

How to reverse periodontal disease naturally?

Jul 15, 20213793 Views

How to reverse periodontal disease naturally is a common query. Nevertheless, one must know that the periodontal disease stages are treatable at home. It is reversible naturally. Walk with us through the gingivitis home remedies, and protect yourself from gum disease. Gingivitis or periodontal infection is quite common. It is considered a mild form of […]

Here Is How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush

Jun 30, 2021910 Views

Do you ask yourself how often should you change your toothbrush? If so, then take a look at your toothbrush. Are the bristles intact, or are they frayed, bent, or broken. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush once every four months if you brush your teeth twice a day. However, many people do […]

Are Dental Implants Safe? Here Is What You Need To Know

Jun 15, 20211921 Views

Dental Implants allow those who have a tooth missing to have a perfect smile. In addition, those using a denture can now have original teeth once again, and instead of a temporary solution to the problem, a dental implant provides a permanent solution. Hence, dental implants are safe. The root fixed between the teeth is […]

How Can Not Flossing Your Teeth Become Harmful To Your Oral Health

May 30, 20211243 Views

When you brush your teeth; there is a lot of plaque hidden in the corners of your teeth that remain out of the reach of your toothbrush. Such plaque is extremely dangerous for your oral health. The only way to remove such plaque is to floss. When you place the thread in the corners of […]

Will There Be An Improvement In My Smile With Dental Bonding?

May 15, 2021926 Views

There are many different ways to achieve your perfect smile back with dental cosmetics. You can have your front teeth restored with veneers, crowns, or dental bonding, or a combination of these. Remember that every method has its requirements, and these depend entirely on your teeth and facial conditions. What happens during a dental bonding […]

Does Diabetes Bring About Bad Oral Health

Apr 30, 20211344 Views

Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance. That is precisely why diabetes is known to cause a stroke or a heart attack. Research has proven that diabetes is the leading cause of gum diseases. Diabetes decreases salivary flow and increases salivary glucose levels. As a result, the mouth becomes home to fungal infections. For your mouth to […]


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