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Wondering Which Soft Foods to Eat with Braces?

Oct 30, 20226888 Views

Braces are quite effective for straightening your teeth, and they help with multiple dental issues. The process of fitting braces or Invisalign in your mouth is usually not that painful. Nevertheless, you might experience slight sensitivity in your teeth and jaw afterward. This is because you need some time for your mouth to adjust to […]

Here’s How to Handle a Cavity Growing on Your Front Tooth

Sep 30, 20224012 Views

If you ask anyone where a cavity grows, they’d probably tell you about your back molars or the teeth hidden from plain view. After all, most cavities form on the teeth, which are located right in the back of your mouth. This is a direct result of the bacteria gathered from years of chomping down […]

Why is My Tongue Yellow? | Causes & Treatments

Aug 30, 20223218 Views

Do you know that cleaning your tongue is essential to your oral hygiene? Whether through a tongue scraper or a brush, it’s important to clear your tongue free of any lingering bacteria. You’ve probably thought to yourself once in a while, ‘Why is my tongue yellow? Shouldn’t it clean itself?’ Well, that might be true, […]

IV Sedation Dentistry — Should You Give it a Try?

Aug 15, 20223274 Views

Let’s be honest, the biggest reason we delay going to the dentist is because of that little fear in us. Seeing all those pointy tools isn’t quite comforting. However, thanks to anesthesia, dentists can now get to work without worrying about hurting their patients. That is probably why IV Sedation Dentistry has changed the course […]

All You Need to Know About The Veneer Process

Jul 15, 20221370 Views

Nowadays, people are more conscious about the look of their smiles than ever before. Your smile is a significant feature of your personality, and you probably want it to look perfect. A person’s smile gives them confidence and makes them attractive. But what if your teeth discolor and lose their original shine? In that case, […]

How are Teeth Prepped for Veneers | All You Need To Know

Jun 30, 20222245 Views

For every task, there is one step that is vital to its success. The same is true for getting dental veneers. Getting veneers can be a cosmetic choice or a dental prescription. Veneers are a very effective and versatile innovation in the field of dentistry. The look of your teeth is completely changeable through veneers. […]

My Gums Bleed While I Floss — What Might Be the Reason?

Jun 15, 20221316 Views

Do your gums bleed when flossing? Although all dentists recommend adopting flossing as a part of your oral hygiene, it can take a little getting used to. Flossing your teeth helps get rid of the debris and food particles that are stuck between your teeth and under the gums. Usually, discomfort occurs while flossing when […]

What is an Invisalign Retainer and Why is it Important

May 30, 20222266 Views

Today a lot of people are self-conscious about the way they look. People get social anxiety just because of the way they look. Braces are a great way to fix orthodontic problems. However, they also cause social anxiety in people. Braces are effective but usually easily visible. Socially anxious people dislike the consistent staring they […]


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